Register your Mobile-ID certificates into DEMO environment

By registering your real Mobile-ID certificates into DEMO environment you can use your own phone number and ID-code to test applications with Mobile-ID support.

Mobile-ID REST API DEMO service parameters you can find here (

See also API documentation:

Step 1. Query Your Mobile-ID certificates from LIVE (optional)

Authenticate Yourself using Your real Mobile-ID to get Your MID certificates!

Step 2. Register certificates manually into DEMO environment

Mobile-ID certificates are also available in the LDAP directory service. The signature certificate is available from .asice or .bdoc file which is signed with Mobile-ID. For additional help please contact

Authentication certificate in PEM* format:
Signature certificate in PEM* format:
2nd Authentication certificate in PEM* format (optional):
2nd Signature certificate in PEM* format (optional):
*Certificate in PEM format is a Base64 encoded certificate, having -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- in the beginning and -----END CERTIFICATE----- in the end:
Phone number: (+372.., +370..)
Your phone operator:
Preferred status of Mobile-ID: