Welcome to Smart-ID demo page

This page will give you short overview of the Smart-ID and helps you getting started.

Smart-ID description

Smart-ID is the next generation solution for managing your identity online. With Smart-ID you can log into 3rd party websites and give legally valid digital signature. Smart-ID works in your mobile phone or tablet and doesn't require specially issued SIM-card.

The demo version has the following functionality:

  1. User can use Smart-ID to log into the website (bank123 demo portal).
  2. User can login Smart-ID self service portal https://sid.demo.sk.ee/portal/ and get an overview of accounts and to delete an account.

Getting started

Getting Smart-ID up and running is easy. Follow those easy 4 steps:

  1. Registration & Installation
    1. Steps to install on Android platform (minimum Android 4.1 required):
        Use https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.stagnationlab.sk URL to initiate installation of SmartID Demo app on Android
    2. Steps to install on iOS (minimum iOS8 required):
      1. Send your e-mail address to support@sk.ee (E-mail subject: Smart-ID closed beta installation request for iOS beta).
      2. Wait for response from support and activate account
      3. Wait for e-mail to redeem Testflight app testing
  2. Start the app
    1. Start the Smart-ID app and choose the Register button.
  3. Prove your identity
    1. For beta version, you can choose to prove your identity via Swedbank Estonia, Swedbank Latvia or SEB Estonia bank links.
    2. Just make your selection and you'll be redirected to the bank's Internet bank and you are asked to login with code card, ID-card or Mobile-ID.
    3. After successful login, you'll arrive back in the app, just confirm that your name and national identification number is correct.
    4. If you don't have Swedbank or SEB Estonia bank account, you can still try out the app by entering your personal data manually.
  4. Enter your PIN1 and PIN2
    1. The app asks for your PIN1 and PIN2 code. PIN1 is for protecting your authentication key pair and PIN2 is for protecting your signature key pair, same way as with ID-card and Mobile-ID.
    2. You can choose the random codes, generated by app, or enter your own favorite PIN code
    3. Either way, make sure you remember the codes afterwards.

Your Smart-ID account is now ready to use

Try it out

To see the Smart-ID in action and to actually use it to log into a website and give the digital signature, you can try the following beta services.

Smart-ID integration

Use following specification for integrating Smart-ID into your system:

In demo environment you can use following configuration:

NB! DEMO relyingPartyUUID has no access to Smart-ID Basic accounts.

Smart-ID signature verification and verification code calculation example in java

Smart-ID verification code calculation example in php

Give us feedback

All feedback to the beta version is much appreciated. Please send it to the e-mail address support@sk.ee

When you report a problem, please include at least the following information:

Release notes